re • mod • el: change the structure or form of; fashion or shape again or differently


As general contractors, we undertake interior projects with our trademark excellence and craftsmanship. Work we don’t do ourselves is completed by one of our talented subcontractors to make sure your project is completed with the utmost skill. And we handle the whole project and its management from start to finish.

Finish Carpentry: Projects include hanging doors and windows, trim, casing, molding, cabinetry, and more.

Flooring: Our expertise covers everything from laying wood flooring in your living room to tiling your bathroom.

Kitchens: Whether you need new floors, cabinets, or tile, we can oversee your kitchen remodel.

Building Additions: If you plan on adding a bathroom, bedroom, or extra space of any kind to your home, we’re your guys to get the job done.

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