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Inspired by the natural world and molded by hard work and skilled workmanship we thoughtfully and artfully create spaces that expand your living.


Backed by years of experience and built with you in mind, we approach each project with the highest level of craftsmanship.


Be it stone, wood, water, or earth we take natural elements to craft awe-inspiring environments for those we have the privilege of working with.


All Natural Additions is an organic partnership launched in 2016 by Myles Seaton and Joe Anschutz. Bringing years of experience to their organization, each specializes in different skill sets and they work together as a cohesive team. Their philosophy is to provide diligent, precise craftsmanship with a loyal and honest approach.

As professionals, you’ll see Myles and Joe work closely together in a respectful and uplifting manner. These business partners not only work together though, they play together too. You might see them camping or fishing somewhere in Oregon when they aren’t hard at work creating a masterpiece at your home!

Myles and Joe - All Natural Additions



Myles - All Natural Additions | Expand Your Living

Myles is a Northwest native passionate about building things that last. With over 16 years of professional experience across a wide range of trades, his expertise as an accomplished stonemason shows in the passion and skill he brings to his work. A true outdoor enthusiast, Myles enjoys his free time by fishing, exploring Oregon, mushroom picking, and spending time with his wife and family.

Joe - All Natural Additions | Expand Your Living

With experience working in finance, sales, and hospitality, Joe found his professional niche in carpentry and landscape masonry. His professional career has been marked by diligence, attention to detail, and drive, traits that give him success in his work. Joe has a talent for dreaming up ideas and then bringing them to life. When he isn’t working, Joe is a family man enjoying time with his girlfriend and their daughter.